Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dclickads - A new name in internet advertising network - sponsored post

Dclickads is a newly launched internet advertising and marketing service which connects advertisers (buyers of ad space), and webmasters (publishers of websites), with one another in a fast and easy to use method. Here publishers can set their own pricing per week, per month or at per click rates. What differentiates dclickads from other forms of internet advertising services are its 3 distinct features:
Any Ad Types - Banners, text links, embedded link,
DirectLink Technology,
SmartCache XML Distribution.

To start advertising or to buy ads for your website you will have to register first. Registration is free. Then you will have to submit your site for review. After submitting your site you will have to install the Ad zones into your site depending upon the type of ad you want to be displayed in your site. Ad zones are Ad spaces or ad spots on a website a publisher has designated as where advertisements will go. An Ad Zone or Ad Space can be at the top of the page, the left side of a page, the right side of the page, the middle, or where ever the publisher has decided to create the advertisement zone. Ad Zones can be banner ads (graphical images), they can be text link ad zones, or they can be embedded link ad zones. Simply put an ad zone is an area available on a webpage for an advertiser to purchase and place their advertisement.

Publishers are paid monthly depending on the ad zones they sell. To know more about them and to submit your site for approval click HERE.

More Light on the Yet Unannounced Canon D40 DSLR

Canon's 40D is coming. We've felt it for months, and the latest bit of gasoline on the flames of this burning rumor is a leaked spec sheet, from Darren over at Digital Photography Blog. The upgrades are flat: The sensor moves from 8mp to 10 (the same pixel count as the XTi Rebel) and the body introduces a dust cleaning system.

That's it? We hope there are more upgrades than this. If not we might have to recommend the 30D -- on sale, of course -- over the newer body. The final answer will come in 2 weeks, at PMA where the news will (might?) officially drop.

The leaked, and unconfirmed specs, below.

Canon EOS 40D DSLR Specifications
* 10.1 MP CMOS sensor
* 5fps, 30 JPEG image burst
* Integrated Cleaning System
* 2.5in LCD with 230K pixels and 160º viewing angle
* Picture Style image processing
* Spot metering & 9-point AF
* DIGIC II processor with 0.2 sec start up
* Digital Photo Professional software
* Magnesium alloy body
* Compatible with all EF/EF-S lenses and EX Speedlite flashes
* Including powerpack and accessories

Designed to inspire. Built to last.

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SkyTRX Magnet-Mounted GPS Tracker

We've seen mini GPS loggers before, but stalking your girlfriend has never been easier than with this $259 SkyTRX GPS Mini Tracker. It has a magnet mount for easy stickage to the undercarriage of her car, and will record her every move for 100 hours straight.

Plus, after you upload the data onto your computer via USB, you can even map out her comings and goings onto Google Earth—giving you a birds-eye-view of her trip to your friend Larry's apartment.

If you're looking for a less nefarious (read: illegal) use, you can always just use this as a vacation trip logger on a cross country drive, giving your extended family a way to keep up with you virtually.

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Griffin Reflect Case: Chrome Without the Scratches, Has a Magic Window

Griffin Reflect is a unique iPod and SanDisk Sansa case that looks like the shiny back of an iPod, but instead of being made of the iPods' scratch-prone chrome, it's made of hardened plastic with a mirrored chrome finish. It also has a rubberized back, which we think might have been a better idea for the iPod in the first place.

Its coolest characteristic is the way the encased player's screen seems to disappear when its backlight is off. The cases are available now for $29.99 $24.99 for the iPod video, second-gen nano and SanDisk Sansa.

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National Geographic Travel Phone: Cheap Phone, Roving Number

National Geographic is getting in to the phone market with their unlocked Quad band GSM cell phone. While the thing looks like it just popped out of 1998, it actually seems pretty useful.

What sets this guy apart, aside from only being $199? It lets you use the same UK based number no matter what country you're in. Usually you have to pop in a new local sim card when you change borders, which is accompanied with a different number. The only thing that's going to hurt is the flat $.90/minute outgoing calls. I guess it will be like calling from a hotel, where you just ask the person to call you back instead of racking up a huge bill.

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Belkin TunerPower Juices Zunes on the Go

We got a chance to play with the Belkin TunePower portable Zune battery, and found it's actually pretty handy for people who travel. The TunePower is essentially a large battery that latches on Yoda-style to the back of your Zune—except Yoda didn't stick his charger into Luke's dock connector hole.

The battery provides about 6 to 12 hours of extended play for your Zune, and our own play times fell between there. It's $59.99, which is kinda pricey, but worth it if you forget to charge your Zune or you go on long trips often.

The setup does add considerable heft to your Zune, making it pretty much impossible to pocket unless you're a clown or a member of Hammer's posse. Nevertheless, having something to listen to outweighs any bulk disadvantages when you're stuck on a plane.

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Pentax Optio W30 Waterproof Shooter Dives Deeper Than Ever

Pentax has been dabbling in waterproof point-and-shoot digital cameras for a while, and now its Optio W30 is even more waterproof than its W20 predecessor. This one can be submerged to 9 feet for two hours (besting the 5 feet and 30 minutes for the W20) and still keep on clicking away.

In the specs department, its megapixelidge stays at 7.1, as does its 2.5-inch viewfinder and 3x optical zoom lens. But it adds SDHC memory card compatibility, and now even its 640x480 movies have a basic shake reduction function.

But it's that waterproof function that's the hook here, and the ability to go 9 feet deep makes a huge difference, letting you take it into most swimming pools without worrying about ruining it if it slips out of your hands. No pricing was announced yet, but it'll be less than $300.

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